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The services to be performed are described as the following:
Interior Design Services : The Interior Designer will assist the Client/Prime Architect (Prime Consultant) in the space planning and the selection of doors, windows, ironmongery, plumbing fixtures, plumbing fittings, hardware, appliances, kitchen cabinets, decorative lighting, tile, stone slabs, furniture, carpets, paint colors, artwork, accessories, etc.
Joinery Woodworks: The Interior Designer will design built-in woodwork, such as bookshelves, audio /video cabinets, window seats, computer workstations, etc. 3D Modeling : The Interior Designer will develop and prepare a three dimensional computer model of the proposed project for the Client.
2. Fee : An amount of 1000 USD will be imposed per proposal.
All Additional Services shall be approved by the Client and the prime Architect (prime consultant) prior to proceeding. The following are Additional Services that are not specified above and are considered beyond the basic Scope of Services of the intended Agreement.
Master Planning: The Prime Architect (prime consultant) may assist the Client in developing and preparing a long term Master Plan. All work associated with the Master Plan, including all preliminary design work, shall be considered an Additional Service.
Redesign to meet Project Budget Costs : The Client is responsible to establish Project Budget Costs and obtain required cost estimates. If the Prime Architect (prime consultant) is contracted to provide cost estimating services, the prime Architect (prime consultant) shall be liable to redesign to meet the project budget costs. If redesign is required due to revised or miscalculated project budget costs furnished by a party other than the Interior Designer, the time required shall be considered Additional Services.
Municipal Filings : In the event a Public Hearing is required for a municipal agency (Planning Board, Architectural Review Board, etc.), the Prime Architect (prime consultant) shall invoice the Client for both the preparation and time spent at the meeting.
Engineering : Based upon the particular needs of the Client, engineering services may be required for heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, structural calculations, site planning, grading, septic systems and/or fire suppression. Engineering services are not included in this Agreement.
Engineering Services are not incorporated into the Interior Designer�s Scope of Services; however, if it has been determined that the Prime Architect ( Prime consultant) has made an error or omission, the Client shall seek legal remedy from the prime Architect ( prime consultant) directly, without participation by the Interior Designer.
Construction Management Services For Interior Works. The Interior Designer shall not assist the client in estimating the cost of construction, scheduling the work of the contractors and managing the construction process.
Coordination of disciplines engineers� work under Prime Architect (Prime Consultant). Any coordination of work performed by engineers hired by the Prime Architect(Prime Consultant), including but not limited to structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, landscape designers etc., shall be considered Additional Services to be carried out by the Prime Architect( Prime Consultant).
Project Budget. The Client shall establish a budget with reasonable contingencies that meets the project requirements. The project budget shall be established by the Client prior to the Interior Designer proceeding with the Scope of Services.
Base Building Drawings and/or Surveys. Base Building Drawings and/or Surveys are not included in the Scope of Services. The Interior Designer shall assume that the Base Building Drawings and Surveys, if required, shall be readily available. The Interior Designer assumes all information on these documents is accurate and is not responsible for any information completed by others.
Certification of the Construction Documents. The final Construction Documents shall be reviewed and certified by the Client and prime Architect (prime consultant) prior to contractor bidding and/or municipal review. Certification by the Client and prime Architect (prime consultant) shall indicate that the Construction Documents meet with all party's full approval. All revisions made to the Construction Documents subsequent to the certification shall be considered Additional Services.
The Interior Designer shall commence the services pertaining to this project upon submitting the statement of requirement. The Interior Designer shall prepare the final deliverable within one week from commencement of the services.
Even though all documents prepared or furnished by the Interior Designer pursuant to this Agreement are instruments of the Interior Designer's professional service, the client shall retain an ownership and property interest therein.
Insurance : Professional Liability Insurance throughout the period of the engineering and detailed design services shall be maintained by the prime Architect (prime consultant).

I Accept the above mentioned terms and conditions.

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