Camelot consultancy is owned and operated home decor boutique
that has evolved into a dynamic, agile design consultancy that specializes in offering world class interior designing solutions to both commercial and residential environments .Our professional experiences have helped us appreciate the importance of customer satisfaction, style, value consciousness and global influence in everything we design. We have developed a unique client focus that creates and delivers profitable, sustainable and future ready desgn solutions.

We believe our work should be an authentic reflection of the client and their imagination and thougts.A room should be a retreat, a place to recharge, a place to entertain, create or inspire.How we use a space and what we perceive it to be, is as varied and complex as the person dwelling there. For us, the most exciting aspect of design is drawing on all the elements that the client deems important, and then translating them into a visual and tactile experience that delights and inspires.

Being an experienced Interior designing Agency in UAE, we feel very fortunate to be in a position to support the local community, and are very humbled by the support the clients has shown us in return. Our professional experiences have helped us to learn the best and offer the best to our customers who supported us in our long run. We trust you will find our business one that you can develop a long lasting and successful relationship with as we all grow into the future.

We transform homes into personalized sanctuaries.